faqs & useful info

Yes, you will need to spend it all at once!

Simply enter the unique ID number of the first Select Code and click on 'redeem'. You’ll then be able to input the details for the second, and repeat until you have redeemed them all. Once you’ve entered them all, you can click on 'Go shop' to start spending.

It sounds like a good idea, but unfortunately you’ll need to redeem them separately - sorry!

We’ll send your gift card or voucher to the address you enter under 'Your details’. Please double check that it’s right, as we can’t refund or replace missing items if the delivery address provided is incorrect.

If you have requested a gift card or voucher, your order will be despatched within three working days of receipt (you’ll be able to see when this happens on our tracking system). Arrival time then depends on the postal service in your area - this may take longer at very busy times, such as Christmas. If the card you have requested is not in stock at the time of ordering,we will despatch it as soon as it is available. If you have asked for an e-voucher, it should be with you within 24 hours.

If your gift cards or vouchers don’t arrive within five working days, or your e-voucher has not arrived within two working days, please contact us.

We’re sorry if this has happened - please contact us with your order number and we'll sort this out for you. Please treat your gift cards and vouchers as cash – we cannot replace any are lost, stolen or damaged once you’ve received them.

This depends on the retailer. Some provide a scratch-off panel or unique reference number for use online, others don’t accept them on their website.. If you want to spend your vouchers online, before you order them we suggest checking on the retailer’s website, or with their Customer Services department first.

We’re unable to exchange rewards of any kind, either for an alternative or cash. E-vouchers can be re-sent if you have lost or accidentally deleted them (providing they are still valid), but we can’t replace e-vouchers that have been redeemed by a third party if the wrong email address was given at the time of placing your order.

Yes it does, either printed on the back of the voucher or will displayed in your email. Once your Select Code has expired, it cannot be used or reactivated in any way.

If your Select Code is still valid (within its expiry date), please contact us on 0344 693 9901.

Please email us at customerservice@select-your-reward.co.uk or call us on 0344 693 9901.

Please call us (Hawk Incentives) on 0207 4198189 or email sales@hawkselect.co.uk.